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VNH5180A Evaluation Board
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EV-VNH5180A provides you an easy way to connect ST’s surface mounted VIPower®H-Bridge drivers into your existing prototype circuitry. This evaluation board comes preassembled with VNH5180A-E H-Bridge.

The VNH5180A-E is a system in package H-Bridge manufactured in the ST proprietary VIPower M0- 5 technology and housed in the PowerSSO-36 package. The VNH5180A-E is designed to drive 12 V automotive bidirectional load such as a PMDC motor. The VNH5180A-E provides protection, diagnostics and easy 3 V and 5 V CMOS-compatible interface with any microcontroller.

The device integrates advanced protection functions such as load current limitation, inrush and active overload management by power limitation, overtemperature shut-off with autorestart and overvoltage active clamp. A dedicated analog current sense pin is associated with every output channel in order to provide Enhanced diagnostic functions including fast detection of overload and short-circuit to ground through power limitation indication, overtemperature indication, short-circuit to VCCprotection and diagnosis as well as on-state and off-state open-load detection.The current sensing and diagnostic feedback of the whole device can be disabled by pulling the CS_DIS pin high to allow sharing of the external sense resistor with other similar devices.

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Key Features

  • Simple single IC application board dedicated for VNH5180-E
  • Provides thermal heat-sinking for ease of use in prototyping
  • Provides electrical connectivity for easy prototyping



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