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Software examples for SPC56L-Discovery and related SPC5Studio Projects files
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This software package includes several firmware examples for SPC56L-Discovery kit.

These ready-to-run examples are provided to help the user to get started quickly with SPC56ELx line microcontrollers and SCP5L-Discovery hardware. Every example includes source files, the related binary and elf files to program, modify and debug with any environment/tool.

It includes as well SPC5-Studio project files to easily import, open and modify them using SPC5-Studio configurator wizards.

All software examples are mapped on SPC56EL70L5 and SPC56L-Discovery pin configuration but with SPC5-Studio they can be easily adapted to any MCU of the same product line and to any target board making discovery kit an ideal evaluation and pre-development platform.

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Data Brief

Key Features

  • Software examples designed for SPC56L-Discovery
  • GPIO Toggling, PWM/ICU, DSPI examples without operating system
  • GPIO Toggling using ChibiOS/RT open source operating system
  • SPC5-Studio projects files (KODO ready for easy access)



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Product Specifications

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DB2261: Software examples for SPC56L-Discovery and related SPC5-Studio projects files
1.0 165 KB

Application Notes

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AN4379: SPC56L-Discovery Software examples
1.1 219 KB

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Related Tools and Software

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SPC56L-Discovery Discovery Plus Kit for SPC56 L line - with SPC56EL70L5 MCU

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