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Data Converters

Specialized A/D - D/A converters

The TSA A/D converter family offers high-speed, dual-channel analog-to-digital converters implemented in a mainstream 0.25µm CMOS technology that offers high performance and very low power consumption.  This family is ideally suited for many applications such as network infrastructure, data acquisition systems and medical imaging.


The rad-hard A/D converter family offers high TID robustness (up to 30 krad) and low single-event sensitivity, and is ideally suited for space applications. Rad-hard A/D converters use pure (ELDRS-free) CMOS 0.25 µm technology combining high performance, radiation robustness and very low power consumption. They offer very good performance in many applications including telemetry and imaging. 


ECG Analog Front End 

ST's ECG Analog Front End (AFE) devices are highly integrated diagnostic-quality bio-potential acquisition ICs with several options for up to 3 differential channels, with or without impedance channels. This mixed-signal device provides all of the analog and digital signal-conditioning and filtering functions required to transform the small electrical signals picked up by the electrodes attached to the patient into fully conditioned digital data that can be stored or displayed in diagnostic-quality ECG equipment.


Metering ICs

Smart metering Analog Front End (AFE) ICs offer high accuracy when measuring DC and AC energy down to extremely low currents typical of home appliances in standby mode.


Voltage References

ST offers a wide range of fixed and adjustable voltage references ranging from general-purpose high-power shunts, suitable for industrial, automotive and SMPS applications, to high-precision and low-consumption devices, suitable for battery-powered applications.

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