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STMicroelectronics is dedicated to your success when incorporating our products into your system. While we will strive to answer your question as rapidly as possible, we recommend that you first attempt to locate the answer on our web site using the following guide.




Datasheets and application notes

Search specific documents in our technical literature page. To see all documents and files for a specific product, locate your device in the product catalog. Follow the link to the product folder/resources where all related documents can be found.

ST e2e communities

ST's forum pages full of useful ideas and information from other developers moderated by ST's application engineering teams

Frequently asked questions

FAQ pages organized by product type

Sales topics

For questions about product availability, pricing, where-to-buy, or other related issues, proceed to our sales support page.

Evaluation tools

To see how to design real-life applications using ST devices, you may download schematics and/or purchase evaluation boards on our evaluation boards selector page.

Development tools

To find the development tools you require to develop your application on your chosen silicon, vist our development tool pages


To find the software development tools or firmware you require to develop your application on your chosen silicon, visit our software pages

CAD models and symbols

These and other useful design aids can be found on our e-cad models and symbols selector page

Product training

Online training for selected products can be found on our seminars and training page.

RoHS status and material declaration

Locate your device in the product catalog and navigate to the Product Folder. RoHS status and Material Declaration forms are found in the sample and buy tab. See also our RoHS page.


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