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Third Parties for SPC56 Automotive MCUs

A number of 3rd party development and debugging tools exist to support the SPC56 family of automotive MCUs:

  • Ash Ware 
    ASH WARE supplies eTPU and TPU development tools and training services. The ETEC Compiler tool suite includes a compiler, assembler, linker, debugger and simulator all integrated in a graphical IDE, providing features for static analysis, code coverage and system performance improvement.
  • Byte Craft 
    Byte Craft Limited specializes in embedded system software development tools for single-chip microcontrollers. eTPU_C is a high-performance Code Development System for the eTPU allowing programming completely in the C language together with initializing and control the eTPU.
  • Green Hills Software 
    Green Hills Software's MULTI integrated development environment includes the powerful and proven tools for developing embedded software with maximum reliability, maximum performance, and minimum code size is safety and performance related applications.
  • ETAS 
    The ETK hardware and INCA software products form an integral part of the development process, assisting engineers in everything from developing application software for electronic control units (ECUs) to the integration of automotive electronic systems in the vehicle.
  • HighTec 
    HighTec range of products includes GNU-based compilers and real-time operating systems for automotive and industrial fields. The compiler and the debugger of the Power Architecture™ Development Platform support all devices of the SPC56 family of automotive microcontrollers.
  • iSystem 
    iSYSTEM specializes in embedded development and test tools. Their ic5000 series debugger and analyzer solutions cover a wide range of ST architectures and their derivatives. The Windows and/or Eclipse based development environment (winIDEA) is easy to learn and use.
  • KEOLABS (Raisonance)
    Raisonance tools from KEOLABS include the Raisonance integrated development environment (Ride7), flasher (RFlasher) and RLink debugger/programmer for start-to-finish control of application design including code editing, compilation, optimization and debugging of automotive microcontroller projects.
  • Lauterbach 
    The TRACE32 is a truly integrated, universal development system supporting a wide range of instruments required for microprocessor systems development including In-Circuit emulator, logic state and timing analyzer, simulator, device programmer, pattern/stimuli Generator and other features.
  • P&E Microcomputer Systems 
    The ICDPPCNEXUS and Cyclone are well-known tool for programming and debugging code on PowerPC processors. The debugger supports BookE cores, VLE cores, and multiple cores and uses the processor's JTAG/Nexus debug mode, via a hardware interface, to give the user access to all on-chip resources.
  • PLS Development Tools 
    PLS offers with Universal Debug Engine (UDE) and the complementary Universal Access Device (UADxx). Top solutions for system development & debugging of embedded 16/32 Bit MCUs and include IDE, emulator, debugger and FLASH programming tools.
  • Wind River 
    Wind River Diab Compiler is an industry-leading, highly optimizing cross compiler that maximizes performance and minimizes memory footprints in deeply embedded software applications.
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