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Current Sensing

Accurate sensing of currents is central to enhancing application safety.   Controlling the current within set boundaries avoids overheating and short-circuits.  Current measurement is also an essential part of energy metering.
The main features of our growing current-sense amplifier portfolio are:

  • Up to 70 V line monitoring
  • Integrated solutions (for example, inclusion of  EMI filtering on output) for faster design times and a reduced BOM
  • Robust devices that do not require external protection
  • Automotive-grade qualified current sense amplifiers
Current sensing

CS70 delivers turn-key solution

The CS70, high-side current sense amplifier deliver a direct measurement of the current flowing through a high-side shunt resistor. A voltage drop as low as 50mV on the shunt is measured with an accuracy better than 2.5%. The common mode voltage and the CS70 supply voltage are fully independent, providing the possibility to measure a current on a line from 2.9 up to 70V, and in the same time to supply the CS70 with the same voltage than the microcontroller.

The pins connected to power lines are rugged against voltage surges and electrostatic discharges. The amplification gain value can be changed on-the-fly by 2 selection pins from 20 to 100. All these features makes the CS70 the ideal device to provide current measurement information to low voltage microcontrollers in digital power conversion applications, such as wireless charging base, also known as induction charging.

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