Multi-channel digital audio processor with DDX®

The STA309A is a single chip solution for digital audio processing and control in multi-channel applications. It provides output capabilities for DDX®. In conjunction with a DDX® power device, the STA309A provides high-quality, high-efficiency, all digital amplification. The device is extremely versatile, allowing inputs of most digital formats including 6.1/7.1-channel and 192 kHz, 24-bit DVD-audio, DSD/SACD. In 5.1 applications the additional 2 channels can be used for audio line-out or headphone drive. In speaker mode, with 8 channel outputs in parallel, the STA309A can deliver more than 1 W.

Key Features

  • Pre and post EQ full 8-channel input mix on all 8 channels
  • Bass/treble tone control
  • Dynamic range compression
  • Dual independent limiters/compressors
  • Individual channel and master soft/hard mute
  • Automode™:5-band graphic EQ32 preset EQ curves (rock, jazz, pop, etc.)Automatic volume controlled loudness5.1 to 2-channel downmixSimultaneous 5.1- and 2-channel downmix outputs3 preset volume curves2 preset anti-clipping modesPreset movie nighttime listening modePreset TV channel/commercial AGC mode5.1, 2.1 bass management configurations8 preset crossover filters
  • Automatic invalid input detect mute
  • Automatic zero-detect and invalid input mute
  • Advanced PopFree operation
  • I2 S output channel mapping function
  • Advanced AM interference frequency switching and noise suppression modes
  • Channel mapping of any input to any processing/DDX® channel
  • Independent channel volume and DSP bypass
  • Selectable per-channel DDX® damped ternary or binary PWM output
  • DC blocking selectable high-pass filter
  • Variable per channel DDX® output delay control
  • Max power correction for lower full-power THD
  • 192 kHz internal processing sample rate, 24-bit to 36-bit precision
  • Individual channel and master gain/attenuation plus channel trim (-10 dB to +10 dB)
  • Soft volume update
  • 8 channels of 24-bit DDX® (direct digital amplification)
  • Selectable 32 kHz - 192 kHz input sample rates
  • >100 dB of SNR and dynamic range
  • Digital gain/attenuation +58 dB to -100 dB in 0.5-dB steps
  • Up to 10 independent 32-bit user programmable biquads (EQ) per channel
  • 6 channels of DSD/SACD input


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