• 高效率
  • 短路、静电放电(ESD)、负载突降和过热等超限保护功能的稳定汽车级设计
  • 超先进的诊断处理器
  • 专有反馈环架构,满足低系统成本及电磁辐射的要求
  • 全数字处理
  • 驱动超低阻抗扬声器(低至1欧姆)的能力
  • 符合起/止和混合引擎标准要求


New generation of class D amplifiers with amazing efficiency and load detection accuracy

We have launched the first members of our second generation of fully digital class-D amplifiers, which are already enjoying much success in car infotainment systems. With four powerful channels, our FDA801 and FDA801B class-D digital input power amplifiers help to drastically reduce system size and cost, bringing the concept of diagnostics to a next level.


Key features and main benefits:

Very high output power capability and class-D efficiency above 90-93%: Each output can deliver up to 50 W when the load is 4 ohms and the battery is 15.2 V. Power dissipation is strongly reduced, allowing car makers to meet their demands for class D solutions: high output power and maximum efficiency.

Digital impedance meter (DIM). The FDA801B is able to measure both load impedance and phase and deliver the highest load detection accuracy. Provided on the digital bus (I²C), this measurement function is used to detect misconnections and ensure precise diagnostics in the presence of any speaker or combination of them.

Low-pass output filter included in the feedback loop. This patented feature allows reducing the size of the filter components, where inductances down to 4.7µH can be used, leading to a very compact solution. It provides a flat frequency response, independent of the type of load and its variations, helping to ensure crystal-clear sound. It helps to meet the very stringent electromagnetic emission specifications without the use of complicated additional solutions.

I2S or TDM digital input. The digital input, immune to noise by construction, allows building sound systems with the highest audio quality without using expensive digital-to-analog converters.

I2C flexible diagnostics and full fault protection. Such thorough and complete diagnostics is unmatched in the automotive market. The device is able to detect any misconnection on any channel, in an independent manner, at any given time.

FDA801 and FDA801B further enlarge ST’s family of automotive Class-D amplifiers, already including two 4-channel amplifiers (FDA4100LV and FDA450LV) and a 2-channel amplifier (FDA2100LV) of the previous generation. 

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