Embedded MPU with dual ARM926 core, flexible memory support, powerful connectivity features and programmable LCD interface

The SPEAr600 is a member of the SPEAr family of embedded MPUs for networked devices, it is based on dual ARM926EJ-S processors (up to 333 MHz), widely used in applications where high computation performance is required.

Both processors have an MMU supporting virtual memory management and making the system compliant with the Linux operating system. They also offer 16 KBytes of data cache, 16 KBytes of instruction cache, JTAG and ETM (embedded trace macro-cell) for debug operations.

To expand its range of target applications, SPEAr600 can be extended by adding additional peripherals through the external local bus (EXPI interface).

Key Features

  • Dual ARM926EJ-S core up to 333 MHz:
    • Each with 16 Kbytes instruction cache + 16 Kbytes data cache
  • High performance 8-channel DMA
  • Dynamic power saving features
  • Up to 733 DMIPS
  • Memory:
    • External DRAM interface: 8/16-bit DDR1-333 / DDR2 - 666
    • 32 Kbytes BootROM / 8 Kbytes internal SRAM
    • Flexible static memory controller (FSMC) supporting parallel NAND Flash memory interface, ONFI 1.0 support, internal 1-bit ECC or external 4-bit ECC
    • Serial NOR Flash Memory interface
  • Connectivity:
    • 2 x USB 2.0 Host
    • USB 2.0 Device
    • Giga Ethernet (GMII port)
    • I2 C and fast IrDA interfaces
    • 3 x SSP Synchronous serial peripheral (SPI, Microwire or TI protocol) ports
    • 2 x UART interfaces
  • Peripherals supported:
    • TFT/STN LCD controller (resolution up to 1024 x 768 and colors up to 24 bpp)
    • Touchscreen support
  • Miscellaneous functions
    • Integrated real-time clock, watchdog, and system controller
    • 8-channel 10-bit ADC, 1 Msps
    • JPEG codec accelerator
    • 10 GPIO bidirectional signals with interrupt capability
    • 10 independent 16-bit timers with programmable prescaler
  • 32-bit width External local bus (EXPI interface).
  • 3 x I2 S interfaces for audio features:
    • One stereo input and two stereo outputs (audio 3.1 configuration capable)
  • Customizable logic with 600 Kgate standard cell array
  • Software:
    • System compliant with all operating systems (including Linux)



Description Version Size
DS6474 DS6474: Embedded MPU with dual ARM926 core, flexible memory support, powerful connectivity features and programmable LCD interface 3.1 1 MB
Description Version Size
AN3129 AN3129: Real-time performance using FIQ interrupt handling in SPEAr MPUs 1.3 188 KB
AN3123 AN3123: Using the UART interfaces in the SPEAr embedded MPU family 2.1 218 KB
AN2641 AN2641: Using the color LCD controller (CLCD) in the SPEAr embedded MPU family 1.4 419 KB
Description Version Size
UM1015 UM1015: EVALSPEAr320CPU SPEAr320 CPU evaluation board 1.0 1 MB
UM0805 UM0805: EVALSPEAr600 - evaluation board for the SPEAr600 3.2 1 MB
UM1535 UM1535: Getting started with SPEAr® Linux support package (LSP 3.2.5) 2.1 486 KB
UM0844 UM0844: Getting started with SPEAr® Linux support package (LSP2.3) 3.0 694 KB
UM0851 UM0851: Linux support package (LSP) v2.3 for SPEAr 2.2 3 MB
Description Version Size
RM0082 RM0082: SPEAr300 1.3 5 MB
Description Version Size
RN0082 RN0082: Linux support package (LSP) v3.2.5 for SPEAr eMPU family 1.1 237 KB
RN0053 RN0053: Linux support package for SPEAr (LSP) v 2.3 1.1 78 KB
RN0080 RN0080: Linux support package for SPEAr (LSP) v 2.3.2 1.1 86 KB


Description Version Size
SPEAr family of embedded microprocessors 2.2 732 KB


Software Development Tools


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SPEAR600-2 NRNDPBGA 420 23x23x2.06IndustrialEcopack1 0 0

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