The STM32 high-performance MCU platform leverages ST’s NVM technology to combine :

  • Best-in-class system performance for code execution, data transfers and data processing
  • High integration: largest range of embedded memory densities and advanced peripherals
  • Power efficiency

The high-performance MCU platform consists of 4 compatible product series, from entry‐level STM32F4 Access lines microcontrollers (Cortex‐M4 based) to the world’s highest performance Cortex‐M7 based MCU, the STM32H7 series.

STM32F7 and STM32H7 series
Based on ST’s advanced 90-nm and 40-nm NVM process technology from 216 MHz / 462 DMIPS to 400 MHz / 856 DMIPS,
these two series takes advantage of an L1 cache to deliver the maximum theoretical performance of the Cortex‐M7 core,
regardless if code is executed from embedded Flash or an external memory. The STM32H7 series leverages ST's 40-nm process
to embed 1 Mbyte of RAM and 2 Mbytes of Flash memory in the most advanced performance architecture ever.

STM32F4 Foundation and Advanced lines
Leveraging ST’s advanced 90-nm NVM process technology and from 168 MHz / 210 DMIPS to 180 MHz / 225DMIPS, these
11 compatible product lines of digital signal controllers (DSC) offer a perfect symbiosis of the real‐time control capabilities of an MCU
and the signal processing performance of a digital signal processor (DSP), combined with a rich set of advanced peripherals
and large memories.

STM32F2 series
Using ST’s advanced 90-nm NVM process technology combined with a Cortex‐M3 core running at 120 MHz  /150 DMIPS,
the STM32F2 series was the first to include an innovative adaptive real‐time memory accelerator (ART Accelerator™)
and multi‐layer bus matrix to offer an unprecedented trade‐off in performance, integration and price.

STM32F4 Access line
Based on ST’s advanced 90-nm NVM process technology, the Access line groups together the entry‐level microcontrollers
of the STM32F4 series! With 84 MHz /105 DMIPS, it offers the smallest, cost‐effective solution with outstanding power efficiency
(Dynamic Efficiency™) and an extended temperature range (up to 125 °C ambient temperature).

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