STM32 F0 Entry-level ARM Cortex-M0 MCUs

Devices in ST’s ARM® Cortex®-M0-based STM32 F0 series deliver 32-bit performance while featuring the essentials of the STM32 family and are particularly suited for cost-sensitive applications. STM32 F0 MCUs combine real-time performance, low-power operation, and the advanced architecture and peripherals of the STM32 platform.

  • The STM32F0x0 Value line is highly competitive in traditional 8-bit and 16-bit markets and eliminates the need to manage different architectures and the associated development overhead. If your device needs a USB peripheral, it’s now possible to order an STM32F070 Value line MCU.
  • The STM32F0x1 line provides a high integration of functions and covers a wide range of memory sizes and packages, bringing flexibility to cost-sensitive applications. 
  • The STM32F0x2 line provides rich connectivity with crystal-less USB 2.0 and a CAN bus interface, making it the ideal choice for communication gateways, smart-energy devices or game terminals.
  • The STM32F0x8-line operating at 1.8V ±8% is well suited for use in portable consumer applications such as smartphones, accessories and media devices.

The STM32 turns the one-architecture-fits-all concept into reality.
Offered in various package types, the STM32 F0 series satisfies the needs of a large variety of applications and segments.



• 购买适合STM32F0 MCU的Nucleo板探索套件。 

• 下载并激活Keil公司免费为STM32F0微控制器提供的MDK-ARM开发环境(完整且专业的IDE)。 

• 下载并安装ST的STM32CubeMX代码生成器/配置器和STM32CubeF0嵌入式软件包,包括HAL和中间件。 从提供的众多范例中选择一个开始或者建立自己的项目。

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