STM32L1系列现在新增了一款入门级产品 - STM32L100

意法半导体STM32 L1系列的新增产品 - STM32L100 - 是那些需要在预算价格下实现最低处理能力和超低功耗的应用的理想之选。


STM32L100超值系列产品的工作电压范围为1.8~3.6 V,工作温度范围为-40 ~ +85 °C。

STM32 L1系列的所有产品均采用同一架构,具有相同的存储器映射,引脚完全兼容。

New optimized STM32L100 MCUs for your new designs

New optimized STM32L100 MCUs

Wondering what’s new with the STM32L100x6/8/B-A MCUs?

•Overall power consumption improved in dynamic and static.
•RTC V2.0 to catch up with L1 Serie with Calendar function and  Sub-second counting for accurate synchronization with an external clock
• RAM increased to 16KB in STM32L100RB-A
• Same package, same pinout and software-compatible.
• Cost effectiveness
How to migrate your design from STM32L100x6/8/B to the STM32L100x6/8/B-A?  Have a look at our technical note TN1176


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