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Component Copyright License
CMSIS Core ARM Limited Apache License 2.0
CMSIS Device ARM Limited, STMicroelectronics Apache License 2.0
Drivers HAL/LL STMicroelectronics BSD-3-Clause
Drivers BSP Boards STMicroelectronics BSD-3-Clause
BSP Components STMicroelectronics BSD-3-Clause
mcuboot Linaro Limited, Arm Limited (or its affiliates), JUUL Labs, Nordic Semiconductor ASA, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Runtime Inc, Open Source Foundries Limited, Intel Corporation, Wind River Systems, Inc., The Linux Foundation and its contributors, the fiat-crypto authors, Chris Morrison, Kenneth MacKay Apache License 2.0
Applications projects MIT
FreeRTOS-Kernel MIT
coreMQTT-Agent MIT
corePKCS11 MIT
http-parser Joyent, Inc. and other Node contributors. MIT
backoffAlgorithm MIT
Device-Defender-for-AWS-IoT-embedded-sdk MIT
Device-Shadow-for-AWS-IoT-embedded-sdk MIT
Jobs-for-AWS-IoT-embedded-sdk MIT
ota-for-aws-iot-embedded-sdk MIT
mbedtls ARM Limited Apache License 2.0
trustedfirmware ARM Limited, Wind River Systems Inc., Linaro Limited, Laurence Lundblade, The Linux Foundation, IETF Trust and the persons identified as the document authors BSD-3-Clause
lwip Swedish Institute of Computer Science BSD-3-Clause
littlefs ARM Limited BSD-3-Clause
freertos-ota-pal-psa, ARM Limited MIT
tinycbor Intel Corporation. MIT