Employment recruiting fraud alert

STMicroelectronics has been made aware of fake career opportunities offered by malicious actors, that are using fraudulent websites and email addresses that have names similar to ours. The scammers frequently misuse a company’s logo and/or photos of its executives and fake job offers to give the appearance of legitimacy. ST believes that one of the best ways to fight these scams is to make you aware of it.
Please know that all our job offers can be found on our dedicated career platform. In addition, any communication from ST will come from a @st.com email address only and application confirmation with a noreply@stcareers.com email address. We would never solicit money from a potential candidate or request sensitive personal and/or financial information like social security numbers, bank account data via email or during an interview.
You believe you have been the victim of one of these scams, contact us to report the suspicious job advertising. Please share as much detail as possible with us (including a copy of the communication you received).
Explore our available employment opportunities on Careers.