APEC, 2020


In light of travel restrictions recommended by the CDC, and with the health and safety of our employees and customers in mind, ST has withdrawn as an exhibitor from APEC 2020.



A Showcase of the STPOWERTM Family including the most modern topologies utilizing innovative packaging for Power MOSFETs, SiC, Thyristors and Modules.
Silicon Carbide based Vienna and Totem-Pole PFCs for electric vehicle and industrial power conversion
A Complete Solution for Data Center Power Distribution with ST high efficiency AC/DC power delivery, DC/DC patented Multi-cell Stacked Buck (STB) and state of the art Digital Multiphase conversion for CPUs 
Digital Power Control with STM32 featuring the STM32G4 series with high resolution timer (184ps) and math accelerators (CORDIC, FMAC). Ecosystem support from our partner Biricha Digital for digital power supply (ST WDS) and power factor correction (ST PLD) design tools as well as an upcoming hands on workshop training
STNRG011 Digital Combo Power Controller with embedded Drivers, for both PFC and LLC. We will show a fully functional Digital Power Supply with the possibility to change parameters on-the-fly through a very friendly GUI.
VIPerPLUS family of offline power converters, with a live demo of VIPer31 and VIPer122 in buck and flyback topologies, achieving low standby power and reduced BOM.
Intelligent Lighting Solutions featuring Offline and PoE driven LED mesh lighting solutions. 
APEC Meet And more…come by Booth 715 for more details and to talk to our experts. See below for a summary of our Technical and Industry Conference Sessions. More information about the Event and Registration is HERE


Hear From Experts

Date Time Title Speaker/Contributors Seminar Type Session Location
Tuesday ~10:00 (4th of 7) STacked Buck (STB): An innovative, high performance, architecture for 48V bus regulated power delivery  Team from Google with Osvaldo Zambetti, ST Industry Session IS02 R02-R03
Wednesday 8:30 10kV Thyristor Over-Voltage Protection for AC/DC Conversion  Ghafour Benabdelaziz, ST Industry Session IS10 R06
  8:30 An analysis of the body diode roles in resonant topologies and failures evaluation Domenico Nardo, ST Industry Session IS07 R05-05
  9:30 An active inrush current limiter based on a SCRs control for a 3.6kW bridgeless PFC totem pole  Ghafour Benabdelaziz, ST Industry Session IS07 R04-R05
  4:00 High Frequency Three-Phase PFC Solutions for High Power Charging Station Francesco Gennaro, ST Industry Session IS16 R06
  3:50 - 4:10 Improvement of constant-on-time control for transition mode PFC Boost pre-regulators Giovannit Gritti, ST  Technical Session T23.5 225-227
  3:30 - 3:50 Valley skipping compensation for low THD in Constant-On-Time Control of PFC Pre-regulators: Implementations and Performance Alberto Bianco, ST Technical Session T23.4 225-227
  4:20 - 4:40 A novel mixed planar litz transformer for high frequency active clamp flyback converters Stefano Saggini, University of Udine – Alberto Bianco, ST Technical Session T24.6 228-230
Thursday 8:30 How To preserve Power Module integrity without compromising switching performance   Mario Pulvirenti, ST Industry Session IS22 R06
  2:10 SiC MOSFETs applications and technology robustness evaluation under Avalanche conditions Mario Pulvirenti, ST Industry Session IS25 R04-R05
  11:15 - 1:45 An evaluation of the failures in resonant topologies due to the body diode and the role of fast diode MOSFET Domenico Nardo, ST Technical Dialogue Session D08.15 Poster Area
  11:15 - 1:45 Configurable Dual Output Non-Isolated Resonant Converter for 48 V Applications Stefano Saggini, University of Udine,  Osvaldo Zambetti, ST Technical Dialogue Session D03.6 Poster Area