AWE USA 2023

AWE USA 2023

Santa Clara Convention Center | Santa Clara, CA
Conference and Expo: May 31-June 2
Booth #413


Join ST for exciting technologies and to discuss your latest projects and designs with our technical experts.

Showcasing our MEMS Sensors, Wireless power for intelligent devices,

3D Depth Sensor and Global Shutter & 3D depth XR solutions at the ST booth #413.

STMicroelectronics Featured Products include:

iNEMO: 3D Head Tracking
The LSM6DSV IMU family provides a unique value to AR/VR products by enabling low-power 3D head tracking applications, leveraging the on-device Sensor Fusion Low Power (SFLP) implementation.

iNEMO: Game Controller for AR/VR
Explore motion enabled AR/VR controller devices that leverage ST’s LSM6DSV16X IMU capable of computing relative orientation in space with embedded sensor fusion.

Wireless Charging for Wearables
The STWLC38 is an integrated Wireless Power Receiver suitable for wearable, hearable and smart phone applications and supplies up to 15 W of output power. The chip has been designed to support Qi 1.3 specifications for inductive communication protocol, 5W Baseline Power Profile, and 15W Extended Power Profile.

The STWBC86 is a highly integrated monolithic wireless power transmitter solution suitable for applications up to 5W. This solution requires a low external BOM count. Due to the integrated low impedance Full/Half bridge inverter, STWBC86 achieves a high efficiency and low power dissipation.

2D and 3D Optical Sensing Solutions
Featuring ST's world-class long-range 3D Depth Sensor (VD55H1), this demo is showcasing capabilities of the smallest LiDAR of its kind for portable devices. The reference design highlights dot illumination, single element Meta surface lens with excellent angular resolution.

ST's latest Global Shutter (VD55G1) features a novel pixel allowing sensor size reduction while embedding innovative features tailored for computer vision and AR/VR/XR applications.

Thanks to its unique architecture coupled with ST's 3D stacked BSI technology, the VD55G1 comes in a square form factor maximizing the lens usage while reducing the power consumption with a higher resolution.

ST's pioneer in 3D sensing technology partnered with Xvisio Technology to develop a stereovision module leveraging on the outstanding VD56G3 Global Shutter. This high-performing sensor embeds a built-in optical flow feature to create a best-in-class VSLAM algorithm.

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We look forward to seeing you in-person May 31-June 2 in Santa Clara!