The quest for the ideal switch: discover ST’s new 650V Super Junction M6/DM6 and 1700V K5 MOSFETs

Join us for 1-hour webinar to discover the new 650V Super Junction M6 / DM6 and the new 1700V K5 MOSFET family from ST

This webinar was broadcasted Friday, July 3rd 2020

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In this webinar, we will present ST’s brand new families of high-voltage MOSFETs suitable for industrial applications, the 650V Super Junction M6/DM6 and the 1700V K5 MOSFETs. We will show you experimental results in 3kW LLC full bridge and 1,5 kW LLC half bridge topologies, and explain how to implement the 1700V K5 MOSFET in a 100W auxiliary supply, using an ST evaluation board with up to 1000V DC.

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Sven Reinhardt, Director Technical Marketing ​

Our EMEA Technical Marketing Director for Power and Smart Power products has been with ST for 25 years and brings his substantial experience to power and smart power products for industrial, telecom and consumer markets.