Discover STPOWER MDmesh M6 and DM6 MOSFET Technologies Webinar

Join our 1-hour webinar on STPOWER MDmesh™ M6 and DM6 super-junction power MOSFETs for resonant topologies


This webinar was broadcasted Thursday, June 4th 2020 | 11:30 am IST (UTC+05:30)


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ST’s super-junction technology improves efficiency in high-power converters.

During this one-hour webinar, we will present the features of the MDmesh M6/DM6 MOSFET series which implements technology tailored for high-performance Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS).

The MDmesh M6 and DM6 technologies have embedded characteristics which make them ideal to achieve efficiency in high power systems, especially when used in resonant topologies.

You will learn

  • How ST’s super-junction MOSFETs and technological evolutions meet high-performance application needs.
  • MOSFETs' role inside end-user power converters.
  • About MOSFETs’ key features useful to increase resonant converters’ reliability and performance.
  • How ST’s MDmesh M6 and DM6 technologies compare to competitors’ devices thanks to a detailed benchmark.
  • MDmesh M6/DM6 product portfolio and useful resources.


  • MDmesh™ technology overview
  • MOSFET role to achieve ZVS in DC/DC LLC resonant converters
  • MDmesh™ M6/DM6: Key features, benefits and applications
  • Methodology to evaluate the displacement losses in COSS during switch-off
  • Technical positioning of MDmesh™ M6/DM6 VS Competitors’ products
  • New packaging proposal and solutions  
  • MD6 in TO-LL impact in South Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand


Siddharth Ghosh

Siddharth holds a Masters Degree in Power Electronics from Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT Delhi ) . He has experience of Power Supply Design activities in various organizations before joining ST Microelectronics. Siddharth holds a Master Degree in Power Electronics from Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT Delhi ) . He joined ST Microelectronics (ST) in 2011 as Product Marketing Manager responsible to create technical awareness & demand creation for Power Application activities in India . He is presently working as Sr. Manager - Technical Marketing for Power Discrete & Sub Analog Group (PDSA) with major focus on Power Supply , EV Chargers & Lighting. 


Harjeet Singh

Harjeet is the Sr. Field Application Manager, PDSA, India. He holds a Bachelor degree in Power electronics (2002) & Advanced diploma in Electronics & controls engineering (1999). He joined ST in 2007 to support customers on Power discrete & analog devices. He is experienced in the field of medium to high power systems while worked in heavy Power conditioning systems, Railways electric Locomotive converters & battery chargers, IPS for railway signaling applications as well as PDP /LCD power supplies designing.


Dondon Ifurung

Dondon holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics & Communications Engineering from De La Salle University of Manila, Philippines. He joined ST in 2000 with background in Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design. In 2003, he was expatriated to ST Catania, Italy as Worldwide Product Marketing Manager dedicated for SMPS customers. He became the Philippines Country Manager in 2007. In 2012, he moved to Sydney as Product Marketing Manager responsible for PDSA products in Australia & New Zealand region.