Embedded Vision 2023

Embedded Vision Summit 2023

May 23-25, 2023
America, Santa Clara, CA

Registration and detailed Agenda

Join ST and Industry leaders to discover all the newest technologies contributing to Embedded Vision. From AR, VR, Machine Learning, Contactless High Gigabyte data transfer AND Image Sensors, ST has innovative new technologies you won’t want to miss.

ST Expert Presentations:

  • Join Ruchi Upadhyay, Product Marketing for Imaging, at 4:50 on Tuesday May 23 for Image Sensors to Enable Low-cost and Low-power Computer Vision Applications

Abstract: Advances in image sensor capabilities, such as improved imaging in low-light conditions, coupled with reduced footprint and lower power consumption, are enabling more and more systems to incorporate computer vision. In this presentation we’ll illuminate the key image sensor specifications that computer vision system developers should focus on in order to deliver an excellent end-user experience and improve overall power efficiency.

We’ll introduce key parameters such as quantum efficiency or context switching, explain their impact on system performance, and show how to make the best use of innovative sensor capabilities to reduce the overall power consumption. We’ll also touch base on various embedded image sensor features that can help system developers meet the challenging requirements of tomorrow’s devices.”