High performing Qt GUIs on STM32 microprocessors

Learn how to deploy the Qt GUI framework on the STM32MP157 MPU, which features a dedicated GPU, and on the STM32MP135 MPU for simpler GUI implementation.


This webinar was broadcasted June 21st, 2023

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Join us for a webinar presented by STMicroelectronics and Qt Group. In this webinar, we will show you how to deploy Qt GUIs on the STM32MP157 and STM32MP135 MPUs, which are two distinct microprocessors, with and without a dedicated GPU. Our GUI experts will showcase the remarkable scalability and performance offered by the Qt framework. After attending this session, you will know how to easily kick-start your Qt project on any STM32 discovery board or evaluation kit. This webinar is hosted by ST Authorized Partner Qt. Don't miss this opportunity to learn, explore, and boost your Qt development with STM32 microprocessors. Secure your spot today!


Bruno Vunderl

Solutions Engineer, Qt Group

Deepak Somasekharan

Solutions Engineer, Qt Group

Soren Mikkelsen

Business Development Engineer for graphics solutions, STMicroelectronics

Philippe Page

Application Engineer, STMicroelectronics