ICPR 2020 – 25th International Conference on Pattern Recognition


DATE: Milan, Italy, 10-15 January 2021 - Virtual edition
Website: https://www.micc.unifi.it/icpr2020/
Registration: https://www.micc.unifi.it/icpr2020/index.php/registration/

Listen to ST expert Francesco Rundo present our latest innovations in pattern recognition applied to automotive and healthcare sectors.

Date Time  (CET) Title Speaker
Jan.10 13:15-14:30 AI healthcare workshop (AIHA) – Session 1:
Advanced Non-Linear Generative Model with a Deep Classifier for Immunotherapy Outcome Prediction: A Bladder Cancer Case Study
Workshop website:  http://lia.unicas.it/AIHA2020/
Francesco Rundo
Jan.11 13:55 am Workshop on Mobile and Wearable Biometrics (WMWB):
Advanced Temporal Dilated Convolutional Neural Network for a Robust Car Driver Identification
Workshop website:  http://wmb2020.iapr-tc4.org/program/
Francesco Rundo