IEEE IUS 2022 | International Ultrasonics Symposium

Venice, Italy

October 10-13, 2022

IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, the largest annual conference in the world dealing with technological aspects of ultrasonics

Conference English


Conference venue: Venice Convention Center
Palazzo del Casino, Palazzo del Cinema, Hotel Excelsior
Lido Island, Lungomare Guglielmo Marconi, 30, 30126 Venezia VE, Italy

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The 2022 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium will be held from October 10th to 13th at the Convention Center in Venice with an online access for attendees who are unable to travel.

Join ST at the IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium, the largest annual conference in the world on the technological aspects of ultrasonics.

The scope of the symposium covers medical and industrial ultrasonics and other applications, such as consumer ultrasonics, underwater SONAR, and power ultrasonics. The conference offers attendees rich technical content during oral and poster sessions, addressing fundamentals, materials, transducers. Experts will also present novel research and emerging topics during special sessions.

The symposium attracts over 1,000 delegates, including opinion leaders and technical influencers from industries, universities, and governmental organizations and also brings together many new researchers and graduate students, who will contribute to shaping tomorrow’s world.


Join our experts for their poster sessions and demos as they provide deep technical insights on key topics ultrasound challenges.

Date Time CEST Venue Presentation Title ST speaker & experts
Tuesday October 11 17:30

Tropicana 1 / Excelsior 1.1

PMUT – An Enabling Technology for the Age of “Ultrasound Democratization” Anton Hofmeister
Wednesday October 12 10:00-10:45
Poster sessions: Palazzo del Casino, level 3 Modelling, Identification and Operation of Air-Coupled PMUTs in Non-Linear Regime Marco Passoni
Thursday October 13 10:00-10:45

Poster sessions: Palazzo del Casino, level 3

An Integrated High Power Arbitrary Waveform Generator and Modulator Stefano Passi
Demonstration Description Key products
Advanced open ultrasound platform This platform allows users to test new advanced ultrasound diagnostic methods. It enhances the beamforming strategies, real-time processing, and pulsed doppler and vector doppler techniques, based on the STHV1600 ultrasound pulser. This technology can display echography imaging in real-time on screens. STHV1600, STHV200

Ultrasound levitation

Easy-to-use, high-voltage pulser platform with STHV1600 device for embedded systems. The power and flexibility of high-voltage pulsers enable piezoelectric actuations with beamforming programmability for acoustic beam steering. STHV1600
Ultraportable probe system The STHVUP32 embedded on a transmitter board allows developers to drive many channels independently without using any transmitter multiplexer. Device performance and consumption are focused on this application field. STHVUP32
32-/64-channel high voltage pulser

Ready-to-use evaluation kit can drive up to 32 channels independently, without needing an external transmitter multiplexer.

As it optimizes performance and power consumption, it is suitable for ultraportable, ultrasound imaging applications.

Pre-set programs are available to test the pulser in typical conditions. Output waveforms can be displayed on an oscilloscope by connecting the scope probe to the relative connectors. A graphical user interface is available for easier device configuration and waveform management.