Industrial Summit Goes On Tour 2019

Industrial Summit Goes On Tour 2019


ST Innovates for a Smarter Industrial World

Don’t miss the chance to attend one of the most comprehensive training events for the industrial community. The ST Industrial Summit Goes On Tour will be exploring and pushing the frontier of smart innovations addressing the segment focuses of Power and Energy, Automation and Motor Control, offering in-depth courses and training regarding our latest technologies and solutions, providing the critical information you need to design, develop and deploy for industrial applications.

Find a date and location near you

Date Location
September 10th Guangzhou
September 17th Shanghai
September 23rd Beijing
September 24th Singapore
October 15th Taipei
October 22nd Bengaluru
October 24th Delhi


In addition to seeing real-world implementations from ST and our ecosystem partners in the demo display area, you will have an ideal opportunity to meet with our experts on Power and Energy, Automation and Motor Control solutions in a face-to-face interactive panel session.

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Topic for Discussion Include:

  • Home & Professional Appliances
  • Industrial & Power Tools
  • Industrial Motor & Drives
  • BLDC Technology
  • Charging Station
  • Wireless Charging
  • Digital Power
  • Inrush Current Limiter Solution
  • USB-PD and GPA/Power Management
  • Motor Control Library MC SDK5x
  • STM32 and Sensors Applications
  • ACEPack and Modules
  • Protection for Automation
  • Automation with STKNX & IPS

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