Advanced IO-Link Chips for Intelligent Sensor Networks

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This webinar was broadcasted Tuesday, December 1st, 2020


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Enable digital communication down to the sensor & actuator level, and boost the performance and efficiency of your application with the newest ST IO-Link Master & Device transceivers.

We will present our solutions for implementing IO-Link Master and Device nodes in smart industrial sensor and actuator networks, with key focus on the new L6364 physical layer transceiver and related ST IO-Link products. We will also discuss the relevant hardware and software evaluation ecosystem for developers, with evaluation boards based on STM32 running the IO-Link stack provided by TEConcept.

Our ICs offer highly robust and efficient power stages for minimal power dissipation, and come with a rich set of widely programmable features and embedded protections to enable highly integrated and compact solutions.


  • IO-Link Technology introduction and market overview, advantages vs. conventional busses
  • New ST Master and Device transceivers, key features and benefits
  • Evaluation kits based on STM32 MCUs, firmware and graphical user interface

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Milos Hofman is Technical Marketing Manager responsible for ST Factory Automation Vertical Program. He focuses on smart industrial networks and digital I/O systems. Milos has 17 years’ experience in industrial automation field and is behind the specification of several ST integrated circuits.

Vojtech Elias is an advanced Application Engineer with ten years' experience in STMicroelectronics. As a member of the Power Application Laboratory in Prague, Vojtech focuses particularly on integrated solutions for Industrial Automation applications. His technical knowledge covers smart power & protection components for Industrial Automation and IO-Link communication.


Product details

ST offers complete solutions for IO-Link communication on both Master and Device sides. The L6360 single-channel Master transceiver embeds a very efficient power stage, digital input interfaces with a highly precise pull-down current generator to minimize power losses. L6362A is a very robust and flexible IC, which is fully compliant with the IO-Link specification, but performs just as well as a general purpose line driver or transceiver. Its integrated power stage offers the lowest ON resistance on the market. The L6364 is our newest IO-Link Device side solution, with highly integrated dual-channel transceiver with very advanced features like configurable power stages with a join-mode option for double current ratings, SPI with receive and transmit buffers, embedded power management circuits, automatic clock extraction, and more.