Maker Faire Rome 2017

Fiera di Roma
Via Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, 79
00148 Ponte Galeria ROMA
1st to 3rd  December 2017

Visit us at booth 7.B.20

Maker Faire Rome is the European edition of Maker Faire and combines science, science fiction, technology, entertainment and business to create something totally newIt's an event created to cater to curious participants of all ages, wishing to experience first hand the makers' inventions. Inventions that are the result of a desire to solve everyday problems, whether big or small.

Maker Faire Rome is an event designed to turn the spotlight on hundreds of projects from around the world that are able to catapult visitors into the future.

Offering for Makers and developers
ST offers tools and support for Makers and developers from prototyping through to final products. ST will present development tools based on the STM32 microcontroller family which provide support for a broad range of components for processing, sensing, connectivity, power and analog functionality. These include the STM32 Nucleo ecosystem and the STM32 Open Development Environment.

ST will showcase many demonstrations during this event:

  • A drone entirely made using ST components
  • The STM32duino environment (Arduino for STM32)
  • The DuckietownHS educational robotic project to program autonomous vehicles
  • A mental labyrinth to test the amazing power of your mind
  • Fingersonic EXP-1, a powerful synthesizer and music workstation based on STM32
  • Selfpot, a smart solution to water your plants
  • A smart hat, allowing you to control the movement of a drone's camera with your head
  • An industrial sensors to cloud solution from our partner RushUp

Hands-on workshops

  • Hall 7 - Room 13 - Saturday Dec 2 - 12:00 13:00 - Fly your drone with STMicroelectronics
    • Join ST experts for a hands-on workshop on how we designed a drone entirely made from ST components. Learn more about the "flight control unit" and its customization.
  • Hall 7 - Room13 - Saturday Dec 2 - 16:00 17:00 - Getting started with STM32duino and Arduino libraries
    • Meet with ST experts for a workshop on getting started with the STM32duino. Get your first program running on an STM32 Nucleo board using Arduino IDE (Integrated Development Environment).
  • Hall 7 - Room 13 - Sunday Dec 3 - 12:00 13:00 - Dockietown project
    • Join ST experts for the workshop on the DuckietownHS educational robotic project. Learn more about this small vehicle which is able to analyze its surrounding environment to drive autonomously.