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1-hour Webinar: Power Surfing: MasterGaN rides the new wave of GaN Power


This webinar was broadcasted Thursday, July 29th, 2021 | 11:30 (Ind), 13:00(Th), 14:00(SN)


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Gallium nitride (GaN) is revolutionizing the power engineering world by enabling high speed, increased efficiency and higher power density never before possible with silicon MOSFETs. Integrating GaN transistors and gate drivers, ST advanced MasterGaN systems-in-package offers high efficiency due to their optimized gate drive layout, high power density and increased switching frequency due to minimal parasitic effects.

In addition to requiring less design effort, these advanced power system-in-package ensure more compact, lighter and highly reliable power supplies.

You will learn

In this webinar, our expert engineers will discuss the energy trends and why power density is a key metric for power system designers.The MasterGaN platform will be explained in more details in features, applications and benefits. The speakers will share the design tips and the related ecosystems.


  • Energy management trends - GaN vs Silicon-based transistors
  • Smart GaN: integrating GaN with driver - the MasterGaN platform
  • Application usage of MasterGaN and design tips
  • The MasterGaN ecosystems

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Romel Estomata

Senior Manager - Power Discrete & Analog Marketing & Applications, South Asia & India

Leader of South Asia and India Technical Marketing and Field Application team, has 26 years experience in Power Electronics. He is especially adept in Switching Power Supply design given his long R&D experience. He likes to mingle with Engineers and provide useful insights on latest technologies in ST arsenal.


Siddharth Ghosh

Senior Manager, Technical Marketing for Power Discrete & Sub Analog (PDSA)

Siddharth holds a Master Degree in Power Electronics from Indian Institute of Technology ( IIT Delhi ). He joined ST Microelectronics (ST) in 2011 as Product Marketing Manager. He is presently working as Sr. Manager - Technical Marketing for Power Discrete & Sub Analog Group (PDSA) with focus on key products :- AC-DC Power Supply, Offline PWM Controllers, DC-DC Power Management , Motor Drivers etc.


Jai Aditya

Application Engineer

Jai Aditya has been electronic enthusiast and hobbies’ for all his life and in 2014 joined ST. He has added a lot of hands-on experience by working on various applications in domain of power electronics such as power supply ,Motor control, Energy metering, Led Lighting and Audio electronics. Currently he is working as a Technical Leader in job role of Application Engineer supporting application designs and failure in India region.



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