Achieving Peak Performance in Power Applications using MDmesh™ High-Voltage Super-Junction MOSFETs

From motor control to vehicle electrification and everything in-between, learn how ST’s market-leading power MOSFETs are each tailored to optimize your specific application

During this one-hour webinar, we will discuss ST’s super-junction high-voltage MOSFET technology, MDmesh™. Spanning voltage ratings from 250 V to 1500 V, these discrete devices are advancing the performance of power topologies across a wide application spectrum. ST’s broad family portfolio and available package options will also be presented, along with some application examples.

You will hear how each MDmesh™ family is tailored for high performance in specific applications, from resonant converters to flybacks, and see examples of the performance benefits to your next design.

Join us Wednesday, June 13th | 12 noon Central Time

You will learn:

  • what makes the MDmesh™ structure so effective
  • a description of the target applications for each of the 5 MDmesh™ families
  • what makes each family optimal for those applications
  • about the diverse packaging options available
  • how ST plans to continue to innovate MDmesh™ in the years to come

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar to answer your questions real time.

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  • Introduction to super-junction MOSFET structure
  • Review of the evolution of MDmesh™
  • Description of each MDmesh™ family (M2, M5, M6, M8, K5)
    • Key applications
    • Package offerings
    • Performance examples
  • Real-time Q&A

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About MDmesh™ MOSFETs

  • The Super-Junction MOSFET structure allows shrinking of the epitaxial layer of the vertical MOS compared to planar types, reducing RDS(on) for a given die area.
  • There are five modern families of MDmesh devices – M5, M2, M6, M8, and K5, spanning drain voltage ratings from 250 V to 1500 V.
  • Each is optimal for differing power applications like CCM PFCs, resonant converters, ZVS bridges, or flybacks.
  • ST is continuing innovation with extensions of the M6 and M8 families, and currently developing the M9.
  • Diverse SMT and through-hole packaging, as well as module options, allow mechanical ease of design in any application.