Boost your Applications with Accurate Heading in Any Condition webinar

Explore how the latest advances in magnetic sensors from ST achieve the highly accurate heading required by your applications

During this one-hour webinar, we will discuss the latest technology in MEMS-based magnetic sensors and compass modules, and introduce some of ST’s latest devices.

You will learn about the advanced features of these devices and the pre-embedded algorithms that include high-precision step detection, step counting, and significant motion and tilt detection.

These most recent advances and improvements can drastically reduce engineering effort and accelerate time-to-market for imaginative new apps on devices such as fitness bands, medical monitors, personal navigation applications and Internet of Things (IoT) nodes, in addition to smartphones and hand-held devices.

Join us Wednesday, January 17th  at 12 noon CST

You will learn about

  • ST’s latest MEMS-based magnetometers and compass modules (LIS2MDL & LSM303AH)
  • Their technical specifications and pre-embedded features that meet increasing demands for higher integration
  • Available software libraries for real-time magnetometer calibration and E-Compass

There will be a Q&A session at the end of the webinar to answer your questions real time.

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  • MEMS based compass module and magnetic sensor technology
  • Main technical specifications of ST’s latest devices (LSM303AH & LIS2MDL)
  • Overview of the available free software libraries for magnetic sensors and compass modules
  • Real-time Q&A


Digital Compasses and Magnetic Sensors

ST’s offers digital compasses that include combo solutions with accelerometer and magnetic sensor integrated in a single LGA package, as well as stand-alone magnetometers. These devices enable the design of solutions that allow placement of the magnetic sensor in a suitable position on the printed circuit board (PCB). The LIS2MDL magnetometer accurately detects the direction and magnitude of external magnetic fields and accelerometer measurements are used for tilt compensation, ensuring very accurate compass heading even when a portable device is inclined.

ST’s LSM303AH combines a high-performance, low-power accelerometer and magnetometer with high dynamic range (+/-49 gauss) and temperature offset compensation. This device includes embedded self-test and smart power functionalities to minimize current consumption. The LSM303AH is board and software compatible with the latest generation of accelerometers, offering maximum design flexibility.