Power Line Communication for the Internet of Things

Power Line Communication for the Internet of Things

Power Line Communication for the Internet of Things

Meet our Application Experts and learn about ST’s Power Line Communication solutions!

Join us on July 22nd at 12noon CST

This one hour webinar will provide an overview of ST’s Power Line Communication Solutions. Going more in depth you will learn about various features of the ST7580 STarGrid® Power Line Modem IC and application experts will be available to answer your questions directly online.  

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Webinar Agenda (CST)

12:00 PM – 12.45 PM

  • Introduction
  • IoT applications based on Power Line Communication
  • ST experience and portfolio in PLC
  • ST7580: PLC device for IoT applications
  • Tools to get you started

12.45 PM – 1:00 PM

  • Q&A


ST Power Line Communication Solutions

  • Power Line Communication is an important part of the Internet of Things, because Power Lines are everywhere!
  • ST offers flexible, scalable and future-proof power-line communication system-on-chip platforms to effectively address demanding smart-metering and smart-grid application requirements and related communication standards. Integrating the analog front-end (AFE) and power-line driver in a single package, ST’s power-line transceivers reduce development costs and time.
ST7580 STarGrid® Power Line Modem
  • Offering the highest level integrated system on-chip solution, the ST7580 is a highly integrated power line communication solution for Smart Energy Distribution, Smart Energy Monitoring Systems, Street Lighting Control, Electric Vehicle Charging, Home and Building Automation, and Command and Control
  • Combining the ST7580 flexible system-on-chip with a high-performing PHY DSP core and a programmable 8051 protocol engine with a fully integrated analog front end (AFE) and line driver achieves a scalable, future-proof and cost effective single chip narrow-band power line communication solution.
  • Performs xPSK modulation as well as FSK modulation, reaching a maximum baud rate of 28.8 kbps.
  • Easily migrates to the ST7590 (PRIME protocol) and ST7570 (SFSK, G1, Linky), because of common footprint and architecture (STarGrid family)