New SLLIMM HP Intelligent Power Module for Motor Control applications

Join us for 1-hour webinar and learn about integration for your higher power motor drive designs


This webinar was broadcasted Tuesday, August 24th 2021

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Higher power density, integration and reliability are the fundamental ingredients for better high-power motor control applications.

Join our webinar to find out more about ST's SLLIMM family of Intelligent Power Modules for motor control applications and discover our wide product portfolio of IPM for power applications as high as 5kW thanks to the new SLLIMM High Power module.

Our IGBT technology and power packages boost performance and maximize efficiency in high power 3-phase inverters such as commercial air-conditioners, servo drives and general-purpose inverters.

We will provide benchmarks for comparison with key competition and show you the wealth of support material available to help you quickly come to terms with STPOWER SLLIMM implementation.

Why attend

This webinar will help you understand exactly how STPOWER SLLIMM families can inject higher power density and integration in your motor drive designs.

Who should attend

Power system engineers developing motor drive solutions.

You will learn:

  • how to identify and select the right STPOWER SLLIMM module for your application
  • how the new SLLIMM HP can drive high power applications like HVAC and servo motors up to 5kW
  • about the comprehensive support available and where to follow ST authorized partners


  • Market Overview
  • Discrete IGBTs for Motor Control
  • Introduction to STPOWER SLLIMM IPMs
  • New SLLIMM HP series overview
  • STGIK50CH65T application bench testing
  • STGIK50CH65T board support material

There will be a live Q&A session at the end of the webinar where ST's experts will be available to answer your questions.


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Roberto La Rosa

Roberto is a technical marketing engineer for the IGBT & IPM Business Unit at STMicroelectronics since 2018. He holds a master’s degree in Automation Engineering and is responsible for new developments involving discrete IGBT and their implementation in SLLIMM modules, as well as providing technical support for customers in the Southeast Asia region.

Carmelo Capone

Carmelo joined STMicroelectronics in November 1997 and was section manager for Dry Etching Equipment Engineering & Maintenance Support from 2002 to 2011. Today, he is a Senior Application Development Engineer for the Power Transistor Division, with focus on development hardware for IGBT, SiC discreate and power modules.