Discover ST Small Low-Loss Intelligent Power Module

Webinar on New SLLIMM HP Intelligent Power Module for Motor Control applications


This webinar was broadcasted Thursday, November 18th | 11:30 am IST (UTC+05:30)


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Higher power density, integration and reliability are the fundamental ingredients for better high-power motor control applications.

Join our webinar to find out more about ST's SLLIMM family of Intelligent Power Modules for motor control applications and discover our wide product portfolio of IPM for power applications as high as 5kW thanks to the new SLLIMM High Power module.

Our IGBT technology and power packages boost performance and maximize efficiency in high power 3-phase inverters such as commercial air-conditioners, servo drives and general-purpose inverters.

We will provide benchmarks for comparison with key competition and show you the wealth of support material available to help you quickly come to terms with STPOWER SLLIMM implementation.

Why attend:

This webinar will help you understand exactly how STPOWER SLLIMM families can inject higher power density and integration in your motor drive designs.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify and select the right STPOWER SLLIMM module for your application
  • How the new SLLIMM HP can drive high power applications like HVAC and servo motors up to 5kW
  • About the comprehensive support available and where to follow ST authorized partners


  • Market overview on IGBT & IPM products
  • Discrete IGBTs solutions for Motor Control
  • Introduction of STPOWER SLLIMM IPMs
  • New SLLIMM HP series overview
  • STGIK50CH65T application bench testing
  • STGIK50CH65T board support material

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Satish Pawar

Technical marketer for Power Discrete & Sub analog Products

Experience in Semiconductor Industries more than 25 years, Satish is working with ST over 13 years as Technical Marketer. He is dedicated in market development in field of Motor Control & Home Appliances taking care of  STSPIN32, IGBT, IPM, Mosfet and Power Module. Satish helps motor control engineers find best solutions for their applications.


Dondon Ifurung

Product Marketing Manager

Dondon holds a Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering.  He joined ST in 2000 with background in Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) design.  He was expatriated to ST Catania, Italy dedicated for SMPS application customers.  He became the Philippines Country Manager in 2007 and then he moved to Sydney, Australia as Product Marketing Manager responsible for Power, Discrete and Sub-Analog products responsible for Australia and New Zealand region in 2012 till now.


Harjeet Singh

Senior Field Application Manager, Power, Discrete & Sub-Analog, Asia Pacific, India.

Harjeet holds a Bachelor degree in Power electronics& Advanced diploma in Electronics & controls engineering in 1999. He joins ST in 2007 & supports customers using our Power discrete & analog devices with applications covering cosumer, industrial & EV applications.  He has experinece in medium to high power systems in heavy Power conditioing systems, Railways electric Locomotive converters & battery chargers, IPS for railway signalling, PDP/LCD power supplies designing etc.