Smart Cards Expo 2021

Smart Cards Expo 2021


16-18 December 2021
Onsite - Bangalore International Exhibition Center, Bengaluru, India
Online platform

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STMicroelectronics is taking part in the special edition of the International Conference and Exhibition of Smart Card Technologies and Applications, which will be held in a hybrid format this year.

This event brings together multiple players from the smart card industry and aims to inspire solution providers, practitioners, and decision makers, to foster knowledge sharing and to allow participants to showcase their latest innovations, ranging from the latest technology in smart cards, to e-security, biometrics, RFID, and e-payment products and solutions.

Join Smart Cards Expo India to meet the most influential decision makers from India and abroad, international, and local market leaders, vendors, professionals, technocrats, system integrators, academia, government, and private user agencies from the smart card industry.

ST event focus
The increasing demand for more secure and interoperable banking applications, especially in emerging countries, has increased the need for comprehensive system solutions.

A long-term world leader and pioneer in smart card systems and software for e-payment applications, ST meets the most demanding customer requirements with future-ready solutions.

ST solutions
Discover ST’s solutions for Secure payment, Connectivity, and NFC applications in the online platform.

  • Our Banking & ID offer designed for a wide range of applications and compliant with the highest security standards
Watch this video to learn more

Watch this video to learn more  
Watch this video to learn more  

Watch this video to learn more  

Join our Online Speaker session

Topic: Innovations to drive convenience & security in payment card technology

During this e-presentation, we will discuss the technological innovations driven by ST, such as Biometric solutions & Dynamic CVV technology, which ensure user convenience while enhancing security. Deepak Agarwal, Sr. Marketing & Application Manager at ST will address the following topics:

  • The evolutions in the payment sector, and the move from currency notes, to cheque books, and to payment cards
  • Innovations in payment cards driven by technological advancements in terms of microchips, operating systems, applications, and country requirements.
  • How new payment solutions are designed to ensure user convenience and advanced security

Date: Friday, 17 December, 2021
Time: 12:00 PM (IST)

Deepak Agarwal
Sr. Marketing & Application Manager, Secure solutions


Note to join ST session

Smart Cards Expo site has a clearly marked Conference Center which will be visible from the top navigation menu at all times from 16 Dec onwards. At the Conference Center, all talks schedule will be displayed.

 The conference center is accessible via the event website platform for registered users only. Hence, there is NO direct URL made available

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