Smart Spaces Expo 2016

Marriott City Hotel, Milano
May 24th - 26th, 2016
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Visit us at booth #2 and 3

Two major Global Conferences, Smart Lighting and Smart Sensing come together to shape the future for "Smart Spaces". The two themes of the conferences, connected lighting and connected intelligence come together at one expo: Smart Spaces Expo 2016. The event will gather more than 400 professionals from the lighting, semiconductor and IT industries, plus an unspecified number of OEM representatives.


 Keynote speeches by ST :
Wednesday May 25th , 8:45 - 12:45
Carmelo Papa, EVP, General Manager, STMicroelectronics
Plenary visionary session on: «How will the lighting industry make a difference in the digital world?»
Wednesday May 25th, 16:45-17:15
Andrea Onetti, AMG Group VP, MEMS Sensor Division General Manager
Smart  Sensing Session
"High volume MEMS Sensors and Actuators for the internet of Things".
Wednesday May 25th; 20:00
Benedetto Vigna, Executive Vice PresidentGeneral Manager, Analog and MEMS Group
Welcome speech at the social evening

ST will showcase demonstrations of  leading performance technologies including:

RGB CUBE for architectural lighting based on STLUX digital lighting controller. The cube is controlled by a tablet (Wifi module SPWF01SA) or by the innovative BlueCoin remote controller (Bluecoin - BLUENRG-MS, MP23DB01MM).

100 W solution based on STLUX remotely controlled by STarGRID powerline modem.

Wireless Battery Charger Transmitter A11 5 W Demo based on STWBC
Pedestrian Dead Reckoning Algorithm enabling autonomous indoor positioning, based on ST's  eCompass MEMS sensor