SPIE | AR | VR | MR 2021

Optical Design Considerations for Scanning Displays


31 March  8:30am-17pm (US Pacific Time)
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One of the key challenges for augmented reality is the development of ultra-compact, lightweight, low-power near-to-eye display solutions with good image quality. Laser Beam Scanning (LBS) technologies can meet these key requirements and deliver form-factors that enable light weight, fashionable, all-day wearable AR smart glasses with the ability to scale resolution and field-of-view (FoV).

In this workshop we will highlight the key technologies and solutions behind LBS that enable AR smart glasses, as well as more complex mixed reality HMD devices, including MEMS Micromirror scanners systems, laser diode modules, optics, opto-electronics, photonics, waveguides and LBS systems design, integration and manufacturing considerations.

To facilitate the development of LBS based AR devices, and to accelerate time-to-market for end products, the recently announced LaSAR Alliance was created to further these objectives.  Several of the speakers represent companies that are part of this growing Alliance and we will discuss aspects related to this open organization and how companies can join and participate in this Alliance.

Do you want to know more on Laser Beam Scanning technology? Click here

Time Speaker Presentation
9:00 AM Bharath Rajagopalan
Opening address
9:25 AM Stefan Morgott
Compact RGB Laser Module for AR Smart Glasses
9:50 AM Marco Angelici
MEMS ScanARTM: ST Laser Beam Scanning solutions enabling ultracompact “light” engines for AR
10:15 AM Juuso Okkkonen
Diffractive waveguides for laser beam scanners
10:40 AM Ulrich Hofmann
MEMS based Laser Beam Scanning: The key to meeting compactness and performance requirements of AR-smartglasses
11:05 AM Pierre Craen
PoLight ASA 
Ultra-compact laser scanner concept Concept of 1D scanning
11:30 AM Boris Greenberg 
EyeWay Vision
Highly efficient immersive AR glasses using gaze-locked exit pupil steering
2:00 PM Paul Gallagher
Applied Materials
Coming Soon
2:25 PM Joe Kamei
Compact Full Color Optical Engine for Smart Glasses
2:50 PM Makoto Masuda 
Technology Introduction of Laser Scanning Module for AR
3:15 PM Yun-Chen Liu
Coming Soon
3:40 PM Stefan Alexander
Coming Soon
4:05 PM Ned Nestorovic
Seattle Photonics
Optical Design Consideration for Scanning Displays
4:30 PM Live Q&A  



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