SPS Italia 2023


Technology for your sustainable automation initiatives

Visit us in Hall 4 District 4.0

Talk with experts about semiconductor solutions, system designs, and development ecosystems to help you meet regulations and make your contribution to greater sustainability.

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ST demos

Control technologies

Industrial PLC ST interface and control devices in this all-in-one 12+12 IO PLC system for any typical industrial input and load type.
Industrial safety Light curtain demo with intelligent switch and current limitation ICs plus firmware to address SIL2/SIL3 safety level applications

System-wide connectivity

IO-Link solutions Monitoring, data acquisition, and diagnostics in 8-channel IO-Link system complete with software dashboard.
Wireless monitoring Compact sensor node and AI libraries process MEMS sensor data and signal anomalies on your mobile

Power and motion

Precision position control Motor control solution featuring high rotational and translational accuracy for synchronized automation.
Totem-pole PFC Industrial power efficiency featuring full digital control of the latest high-efficiency silicon MOSFET technology.
Servo drive with SiC power 20 kW infield inverter reference design based on 1200V SiC MOSFETs and FOC encoder interface.
50W high density power supply Featuring GaN power transistor efficiency and a full set of programmable features and protections in a single chip.
15 kW Vienna rectifier Active front end stage in industrial battery chargers with SiC power devices, galvanic isolation, and digital output voltage regulation.

Sensing and monitoring

Anomaly detection Exploring anomaly detection with a tiny box kit capable of sensing and processing various motion and ambient parameters.
Infrastructure monitoring Large scale and remote infrastructure monitoring made possible with our multisensor and multiconnectivity IIoT platform.
Presence detection With new TMOS sensors for high reliability infrared detection and Time-of-Flight ranging and multiobject capabilities.

Robotics and Mechatronics Workshop

May 24
4.30 to 15.15
Blue Arena Pad. 8

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Advanced STMicroelectronics system solutions to drive motors in industrial automation applications.