ST4SIM SIM & eSIM solutions: how to manage cellular connectivity networks remotely

Join us for 1-hour webinar and discover ST4SIM SIM & eSIM solutions for cellular connectivity in IoT, industrial and automotive applications.


This webinar was broadcasted Tuesday, June 29th 2021


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Cellular connectivity is a key enabler of connected devices, as it allows several devices to be connected anywhere, anytime, while ensuring asset security. Based on mobile network operators' infrastructure (MNO or MVNO), cellular connectivity increases network coverage and maintains seamless connectivity.

Follow this one-hour webinar to know more on the benefits of cellular connectivity for IoT, industrial, and automotive applications, and learn how ST’s ST4SIM product family of SIM & embedded SIM (eSIM) solutions can pave the way to new market opportunities. Combined with the connectivity solutions provided by our partners, ST4SIM solutions enable worldwide coverage and product interoperability. Join this session to find out how!

From theory to practice, our experts will also show you how to enable eSIM remote subscription management using the B-L462E-CELL1 discovery kit.

Why attend:

With this webinar, you will learn how to manage your cellular connectivity remotely.

You will learn:

  • About the cellular connectivity markets and specifications
  • The main differences and design requirements between a SIM and an eSIM
  • About the ST4SIM product offering and value proposition
  • How to order ST4SIM products via distribution and eDistribution channels
  • How to activate and manage eSIM profiles remotely
  • How to connect ST4SIM to our partners’ connectivity platform


  • Introduction to SIM & eSIM
  • Overview of ST4SIM portfolio and ecosystem
  • ST4SIM availability at distribution
  • Demo: eSIM remote subscription management using B-L462E-CELL1 discovery kit

After the webinar, there will be a 15-minute Q&A session where our experts will be available to answer any questions.

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Laurent HALAJKO, Secure MCUs Marketing & Application | EMEA Region

Based in Paris (France), Laurent joined ST in 2002 as a Hardware Designer Engineer before working as a Field Application Engineer to support and promote ST security products. With more than 15 years' experience in security, Laurent is now an Application and Marketing Manager for Secure Microcontrollers in the EMEA region.

Fabio ROMANO, Secure MCUs Marketing & Application | AME Region

Based in Austin, TX (USA), Fabio defines, organizes, and deploys, in line with divisional roadmaps and goals, the company’s marketing strategy for secure microcontrollers and solutions in the America region. He joined ST in 2002 and progressively worked in more senior roles, working as International Manager in different countries since 2012, thanks to his global strategic thinking and experience in leading multicultural teams.

Agostino VANORE, M2M Product Marketing | Secure Microcontrollers Division

Agostino is the Product Marketing Manager for ST4SIM solutions, ST’s SIM/eSIM offer for IoT, industrial, and automotive markets. Based in Italy, Agostino has more than 20 years of experience in the SIM world, first as software designer and then as marketer. He supports customers on a daily basis and helps them enable cellular connectivity in their designs, based on GSMA-certified ST4SIM solutions.

Francesco RESI, Regional Marketing Manager | EMEA Region

Francesco is the Marketing Manager for ST4SIM solutions in the EMEA region. He used to work in telecommunications and has almost 20 years of experience working on SIM solutions and ensuring successful deployment.


Product details

From removable SIMs to GSMA-certified eSIMs, ST4SIM portfolio includes solutions based on basic configurations (ST4SIM-100), as well as cryptographic (ST4SIM-110) and GSMA SGP.02 (ST4SIM-200) configurations.