Step-by-step digital power supply design using STM32

Follow this 1-hour webinar held by Biricha Digital Power to speed up your power supply design process

Tuesday, September 15th, 5:00pm CEST

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In this free, highly technical webinar, experts from ST Authorized Partner Biricha Digital will show you how to design a digital power supply step by step, using an STM32 microcontroller.

Starting from the basics, the team will go through the design process, explaining how to calculate the control loop coefficients and how to ensure stable operation. After covering design fundamentals, the experts will show you how to design a power supply, by building one themselves from scratch using ST’s free ST-WDS design tool, and present experimental results.



  • Short Introduction to Digital Power
  • Digital Power supply Compensator Design
  • Digital Compensator Loop Stability
  • Quick design with the help of ST-WDS software
  • Demonstration of experimental results


Dr Ali Shirsavar

Dr Ali Shirsavar is the founder of Biricha Digital Power, a professional industrial training company. Prior to that he was a senior academic at a leading UK university specialising in Power Electronics and EMC. He is well-known throughout our industry for his excellent training workshops on analog and digital power supply design and EMC through Biricha.

Dr Michael Hallworth

Dr Michael Hallworth holds a Ph.D in the digital control of switch mode power supplies and has published academic papers and technical articles in the field of digital power and power supply design. Michael regularly presents training workshops for Biricha Digital Power Ltd where he trains groups of engineers in the design of robust, stable analog and digital power supplies.



Martin Vacek