STM32 Motor Control webinar

Join ST for a 1-hour webinar to explore the new STM32 Motor Control SDK v5.x

Learn how the new Motor Control Software Development Kit (SDK) v5.x makes Motor Control Design faster and easier

June 4th, 2018  from 3:00 to 4:00 pm CEST

This 1-hour webinar will demonstrate how the STM32 Motor Control SDK v5.x can be used to characterize, control and tune a three-phase BLDC motor. This new and improved version of the SDK provides engineers with a more complete motor control ecosystem to implement the high performance and high efficiency solutions required for standalone and IoT motor control applications of the future.

You will learn how the STM32 Motor Control SDK v5.x can be used to:

  • Characterize a three-phase BLDC motor with the Motor Profiler
  • Get started with motor control development using the new SDK v5.x
  • Integrate your motor control design into the rest of your project using STM32CubeMX

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Webinar agenda

  • Motor Control introduction, architecture and ecosystem overview
  • The new STM32 Motor Control SDK v5.x
  • Development flow with the Motor Profiler, Workbench GUI, STM32CubeMX
  • Resources and events
  • Q&A (recorded during live session)