STM32 PSU/PFC design workshop


Digital Power Supply and Digital Controller Design with STM32 Hands-On Workshop

Join us for a 4-day hands-on workshop on designing digital power supplies and digital controllers based on the STM32 development ecosystem and Biricha’s power supply design software

Tuesday, November 27 to Friday, November 30, 2018
Future Electronics GmbH, Aschheim, Germany

Learn how to design, code, implement and test stable digital power supply for  both voltage and current mode DC/DC and Digital PFC applications, addressing the most recent industry needs.
All attendees will take part in numerous hands to consolidate the theory though-out each day.
Practical examples will be demonstrated on the STM32 Nucleo-64 development board with our mainstream mixed-signal STM32F334R8 MCU (NUCLEO-F334R8).

Who should attend this workshop?

This hands-on workshop is designed for engineers who are looking to:

  • Learn how to design stable digital controllers for their power applications,
  • Better understand power supply fundamentals, stability and design techniques with a focus on digital power,
  • Get up to speed with digital voltage mode control and peak current mode control using both legacy and modern ICs,
  • Apply modern digital PFC techniques to their solutions.

All participants will receive a complimentary STM32 Nucleo-64 development board (NUCLEO-F334R8) and a free trial license for Biricha's WDS Power Supply Design Software and PLD PFC Loop Design Software.


Day 1

Introduction to Digital Power Programming

  • Introduction to digital power
  • Closed loop control of switch mode power supplies in analog and digital domains
  • Biricha templates and easy project setup (I/O pins, PWM, ADC, Interrupts etc.)
  • Number formatting for digital Compensator design with:
    • 16-bit fixed-point number representation
    • 32-bit IQMath arithmetic
    • Floating point
  • Hands-on laboratory exercises
Day 2

Digital Power Supply Design

  • Detailed study of analog power supply design fundamentals
  • Detailed discussion and design of digital power supplies
  • Implementing a simple digital controller for your digital power supply
  • Digital voltage mode controller design
  • Off-line power supply design considerations: Limit cycling, Hi-Res PWM, ADC quantization
  • Hands-on laboratory exercises
Day 3

Peak Current Mode Control and Running Multiple Control Loop

  • Detailed review digital peak current mode design
  • Removing sub-harmonic oscillation and slope compensation
  • Digital peak current mode controller design
  • Analog and digital slope compensation
  • Phase margin erosion in digital domain due to delays
  • Running multiple power supplies
  • Hands-on laboratory exercises
Day 4

Digital PFC Design & Implementation
Learn how to design and stabilize single phase and interleaved digital power factor correction systems from ground up quickly and easily during this in-depth laboratory based optional day.

  • Fundamentals of power delivery, power quality & PFC
  • Single Phase CCM Boost PFC topology operation & design
  • Digital PFC translated from analog PFC
  • Step-by-step digital PFC control loop design (voltage loop and current loop)
  • Voltage feed-forward & filter design in digital domain
  • Digital interleaved PFC
  • Hands-on design sessions and live demos



Ali Shirsavar

Teaching and researching the field of power electronics for over 25 years both as a university lecturer and as an industrial trainer, Dr Ali Shirsavar is the founder and director of Biricha Digital Power Ltd., a world-leading industrial and consulting company providing engineers with expert advice on the design of analog and digital switched mode power supplies and EMC.


The audience must have a degree in electrical/electronic engineering, computer science or equivalent.
These workshops are highly technical, intended for professional engineers and are not suitable for the general public without relevant qualifications.

Cancellation Policy

Classes are subject to cancellation if the minimum number of attendees is not met ten days prior to the date of the workshop and full refund will be given: Minimum = 5; Maximum = 20.


2495 EUR for the 4-day hands-on workshop.

BIRICHA DIGITAL POWER LIMITED, specialist in business and domestic software development, is an ST Authorized Partner

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