TVS protection diodes in Flat packages webinar

Reliable protection in ultra-slim packages for industrial and automotive applications

Learn how a new generation of cost-effective TVS protection diodes enables smaller applications while increasing temperature resistance and reliability in harsh environments.

Check out the webinar recording to discover how to meet all of your power protection requirements while reducing form factor with ST’s new series of Transient Voltage Suppressor (TVS) diodes housed in ultra-thin SMA and SMB Flat packages.

These highly robust diodes are made to resist the electrical overstress levels specified in standards such as IEC 61000-4-x, and are capable of withstanding 10/1000 μs transient voltage surges with high peak power capability up to an extended 175 °C junction temperature. This makes them ideal for even the toughest industrial, automotive and consumer environments.

Available in SMA and SMB Flat packages, these diodes maintain a 600 W surge capability despite a 55% thinner profile on the PCB compared to traditional SMA and SMB solutions. In addition, reliability is improved thanks to a 17% increase in maximum operating junction temperature. And with the goal of helping designers implement their solutions quickly, we have ensured full backward footprint compatibility with existing SMA and SMB packages.

Targeting applications such as motor control, power tools, e-bikes, automotive, switch mode power supplies in telecommunications, servers, and power line protection circuits, these diodes in ultra-thin packages are also manufactured on upgraded production lines using ST’s proven silicon die technology to improve reliability for all types of power applications.


  • TVS diode market trends
  • Application examples
  • Flat package improvements
  • Comparison of Flat vs. standard packages
  • Differentiation from the competition
  • Footprint considerations
  • Conclusions and takeaways



Sylvain Mosquera-Duran joined ST in early 2000 after managing various process engineering functions at IBM. He started his marketing career at ST in Europe, supporting the Power Discrete division for the Telecom, Consumer, Automotive and Industrial markets. Since then, he’s had regional marketing roles in China, South Korea and now in the United States, where he is currently responsible for technical marketing activities in North America and Mexico for MOSFETS, IGBTs, Power Modules, Silicon Carbide, Rectifiers, Filters, RF IPDs, IPAD, Protection, and Thyristors/Triacs.    


About ST's TVS protection diode portfolio

Designed to protect sensitive equipment against power surges including electrical overstress (EOS), ST’s 600 W transient voltage suppressor (TVS) series supports applications such as solar inverters, set-top boxes, MOSFET protection, industrial control, telecom base stations and Power over Ethernet (PoE).

In addition to low clamping voltages and fast response times, our portfolio of 600 W transient voltage suppressors offer:

  • The absolute best-in-class performance at full power even with high junction temperatures, easily outperforming our competitors, and enabling a 600 W device housed in a smaller SMA package
  • Peak power dissipation of up to 600 W in SMA and SMA Flat packages
  • SMA Flat enables to manage the same amount of power in a 50% thinner & more cost effective device
  • Higher package density or smaller packages can be selected to optimize space savings
  • Flat package (SMA Flat) in addition to standard packages in axial and surface-mount (SMD) configurations