Overcoming Embedded GUI development hurdles that impact time to market with STM32 devices and storyboard

Find the right STM32 hardware for your next project and learn how to embrace changes in technology and design at any point in the development cycle.


Broadcasted Tuesday, October 26th 202

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In a race to get to market quickly, project teams must often explore and make many fundamental decisions in the development process. While this can help get things moving quickly, these choices can often impact the product and undermine its success. Historically, changes in technology meant having to throw away countless hours of coding, while changes at the design level resulted in teams needing to hunt for and replace all changed assets manually. All resulting in valuable time being wasted and creating delays in getting to market on time.

Hosted by Crank Software, an ST Authorized Partner, join this one-hour webinar to learn how to identify the best STM32 hardware for your next project and how to embrace changes in technology and design while ensuring tight deadlines are met.


  • Introductions/Agenda - (2 mins)
  • Introduction to ST and overview of STM32 hardware - (15 mins)
  • Introduction to Crank Software and Storyboard - (5 mins)
  • The impact the UI/UX in embedded products play in product success - (5 mins)
  • How Storyboard’s framework can make your product stand out - (5 mins)
  • Demo of Storyboard - Crank Software (20 mins)
  • Q&A - (5 mins) Which STM32 hardware is right for your GUI implementation

What you will learn:

  • How Storyboard enables you to leverage ST’s MCU and MPU products
  • Why Storyboard’s Rapid Design and Iteration technology makes it easy to embraces UI design changes at any stage during development
  • How easy it is to develop GUI apps via a live demo of a Storyboard

Watch the replay


Roman Ludin - Field Application Engineer, STMicroelectronics

An FAE team manager, Roman has played several key roles since joining ST in 2003. Specialized in ST microcontrollers and now microprocessors, Roman is involved in driving graphical solutions across Europe.

Nik Schultz - Field Application Engineer, Crank Software

Nik joined Crank Software | AMETEK in 2015 as an Application Developer having previously spent three years at QNX on the Automotive HMI team and quickly moved into a Field Application Engineer role. A regular technology course presenter and trainer, Nik is also an avid motorsports fan and can be seen riding his motorcycle at the track in his downtime. Based in Ottawa, Canada, he holds a bachelor's degree in Interactive Multimedia and Design from Carleton University.

Scott Snider - Product Marketing Manager, Crank Software

Scott is a product marketing manager at Crank Software | AMETEK. With over 20 years of experience across multiple disciplines within the tech sector, he is passionate about helping businesses ignite their inner desire for creating exceptional user experiences within their products' embedded graphical user interfaces.