How to use wolfSSL software expansion for STM32Cube

Watch the on-demand webinar to learn how wolfSSL software can easily be integrated in STM32Cube projects.

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Hosted by wolfSSL, an ST Authorized Partner, this webinar will show you how to further enhance STM32CubeMX software, by integrating features from wolfSSL software.

Indeed wolfSSL software is now compatible with STM32 Toolset, adding on to previous support for the STM32 Standard Peripheral Library and STM32Cube HAL (Hardware Abstraction Layer). wolfSSL offers and maintains an STM32Cube Expansion Package for wolfSSL (I-CUBE-WOLFSSL) to make it easy for users to pull wolfSSL directly into STM32CubeMX and STM32CubeIDE projects.

You will learn

  • About the new features of the latest STM32CubeMX tool from ST
  • How wolfSSL embedded security features offer development speed and portability
  • How to easily integrate wolfSSL into your project using the STM32CubeMX tool



David Garske

David Garske joined the wolfSSL team in 2015 as an Embedded Software Engineer and has worked in IoT embedded software development since 2005. He specializes in embedded security and helps maintain and add features to the wolfTPM, wolfMQTT and wolfSSL projects.

Loïc Chossat

Loïc Chossat is a Senior Marketing Manager, responsible for Embedded Software partners around STM32 portfolio. He is based in Rousset, France. Thanks to his past experience as Application Engineer, Loic has strong expertise in the field of microcontrollers, from simple 8-bit and high performance 32-bit MCUs, to automotive-grade MCUs.