03 Mar 2005 | Geneva

Twenty-Five New 5-pin Microprocessor Reset ICs with Watchdog from STMicroelectronics

Industry standard drop-in replacements for popular devices;
ST’s innovative production flow reduces lead-times

Geneva / 03 Mar 2005

Geneva, March 3, 2005 – STMicroelectronics (NYSE: STM) has announced 25 industry standard reset supervisor chips now available for production requirements. They are manu-factured using an innovative production flow which will reduce lead times to as little as three weeks, compared to the typical 12 or more weeks of processing and assembly time required by other suppliers.

There are five basic circuit configurations, each with five voltage options for a total of twenty-five different types. Reset threshold voltages available include 2.63V, 2.93V, 3.08V, 4.40V and 4.65V (typical values). Features to choose from include a push-button reset input, a watchdog and active high or active low reset outputs.

The STM6821 has a reset input, a watchdog and an active high reset output while the STM6823 is the same but with an active low reset output. The STM6824 also has an active low reset output but has a second, active high reset output, too, in place of the reset input. The STM6825 also adds the second, active high reset output, too, but this time it replaces the watchdog function. Lastly, the STM6321 is like the STM6824 but has an open drain output on the active low reset pin.

Two more configurations will follow, each with five voltage options, bringing the total to 35 different types. A 2.5V option is to be added to all seven configurations for a final total of 42 variants.

These supervisors are suitable for any application that requires monitoring, including medical equipment, metering, servers, ADSL, point-of-sale, automotive, instrumentation and indus-trial hardware.

Each configuration includes the basic supervisor function of Power-On Reset/Low-Voltage Detect which monitors the system power and resets the system processor when the voltage is out of tolerance. The optional watchdog, such as on the STM6821, protects the system against runaway software. The Manual Reset Input is a popular feature and is especially help-ful during system development and integration.

With both active-high and active-low reset output polarities offered as well as open drain, these reset supervisors are suitable for use with any microprocessor or microcontroller.

The chips are available in a lead-free 5-pin SOT-23 package and operate over the industrial temperature range (40 to +85 degrees C). They are 100% pin-compatible drop-ins to parts commonly available throughout the industry.

Samples of all the devices are available now. US pricing starts at $0.23 in high volume.

Further information on ST’s Reset and Supervisor products is available at www.st.com/supervisor

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