What our customers expect

  • Quality built-into all our products and processes
  • Failure prevention modes to deliver zero-defect products
  • Robust problem solving to avoid recurrences

Our answer

Our Quality Strategy and Roadmap is built upon seven strategic pillars:

  1. Customers: Delight our customers by providing best-in-class quality support, communication and management of customer requirements.
  2. Product and technology development: Achieve built-in quality at every step of product and technology development.
  3. Manufacturing and supply chain: Achieve zero excursions and best-in-class baseline defectivity for our customers.
  4. Change management: Guarantee product quality excellence to our customers for changes impacting any product, any process and any factory.
  5. People: Engage employees in the pursuit of quality excellence by ensuring that people are empowered, connected, competent and dedicated to quality.
  6. Business processes, tools and indicators: Provide the quality framework for the company business model.
  7. Economics: Consider quality as an investment by using an economics approach that measures the value of quality to our bottom line.