At ST, we maintain a continuous and open dialog with our customers to ensure that we meet their expectations in all respects including quality, service and timely delivery.

Listening to our customers, fulfilling their needs, and building strong partnerships help us and our customers alike to maintain competitiveness and identify new opportunities. The design-in process, where our customers design and test their electronic devices and finalize their choice of products, can take many months. It is important that we support our customers during this phase, as well as ensuring that the quality of our products and that our delivery times meet our customers’ expectations.

At ST, customer relations means customer satisfaction, effective support, proactive communication, knowledge exchange, strong partnerships and full compliance to agreed and legal requirements. We have Standard Operating Procedures in place at corporate level to manage our customer relations, as well as programs for improving quality, which are supported by various organizations. 

See more on Customer Satisfaction on the following link and in our annual Sustainability Report.