We provide a range of solutions to enable the development of digital switch mode power supplies with dedicated digital controllers and high-performance STM32 microcontrollers. Here are two evaluation boards to help you get started with your solution:

 3kW interleaved, continuous conduction mode digital PFC evaluation board

In the STEVAL-IPFC01V1 evaluation board, three inter-leaved boost converters work at a fixed frequency in continuous conduction mode (CCM) with average current control in a mixed analog-digital implementation enabling cycle-by-cycle current regulation at high switching frequencies.

A phase-shedding strategy helps achieve a nearly flat efficiency curve with about 98% peak value while full power THD is at around 3% and a power factor (PF) higher than 0.99 .

The converter is designed around the STNRGPF01 digital controller supported in the eDesignSuite tool ( if using internet explorer click here) that enables easy customization of the design as schematic, bill of material and the binary object code  - to upload into the controller memory using a dedicated programming tool - are automatically generated.

3kW Full-bridge, LLC resonant DC-DC digital converter evaluation board

The STEVAL-DPSLLCK1 evaluation board provides a 400V to 48V – 62.5A conversion solution built with a modular approach enabling hardware and firmware modularity and portability to accelerate the design of digital SMPS solutions.

The power board - implementing a full-bridge LLC resonant converter with adaptive output synchronous rectification - and the control board - that hosts the STM32F334R8 microcontroller with firmware uploaded – are connected through a specifically designed digital power connector to properly interface the power and control stages in the design.

An isolated bidirectional UART is also provided to enable communication with another controller and facilitate the design’s integration into a complete AC-DC digital converter.


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