New fully integrated, reliable and compact automotive qualified drivers for DC motors


new VIPower™ M0-7 H-bridge family is a set of fully integrated and protected bridge circuits especially designed for DC motor control. Covering a wide range of load conditions, thanks to scalable power stages and packages, its combination of state-of-the-art embedded DC or 20-kHz PWM speed control modes with an embedded protection mechanism makes it the ideal solution for driving DC motors in cars. Further embedded features including independent load current sensing on each branch of the H-bridge and open load in off-state as well as chip temperature and VCC reading enhance system simplicity and flexibility, avoiding having to use external components.

Key benefits of VIPower™ M0-7 H-bridges


Targeting different DC motors

The availability of different on-state resistance (RON) classes in the same package ensures flexible driving and control of various DC motors from a few watts up to 200 W in automobiles:

  • Full H-bridge configuration
  • Double-half H-bridge configuration
  • Cascaded configuration

New MultiSense diagnostics

Output current is multiplexed through selectors and reports:

  • In ON state: current on each leg, chip temperature, VCC reading, and short circuit/overload flags
  • In OFF state: open load, output shorted to battery or GND

Advanced tiny power packages

Body size reduced up to 70% versus previous family for PCB shrinkage and system weight reduction.

  • SO-16N
  • PowerSSO-36 (single- and triple-pad)

Ultra-low power consumption

Maximum 3 µA standby current for low- and high-power DC motors. This keeps the power consumption of the module low in spite of the increased electronic components on board.

Featured Products


Thanks to very small packages and high integration, these devices allow the implementation of compact and reliable solutions for automotive DC motor control applications. The SO-16N is a full plastic triple-island package and has a body size of only 38mm2. VNH7070AS and VNH7100AS are housed in this package, combining small size with good thermal performance and at very reasonable price. The PowerSSO-36 triple island has three exposed pads offering optimized thermal performance. This package houses the VNH7040AY, a device able to address motors operating at up to 60 W. 





Product highlights

Commercial Products

Typ Current



@ 85°C

Target applications


VNH7100BAS 2.5A 36W Door lock, deployable handle, mirror adjust, steering-wheel lock SO-16N
VNH7070BAS 3.5A 38W
VNH7040AY 5A 75W Dual washer pump, trunk cinching motor,
Medium power – Trunk Spindle lift motor
VNHD7008AY (*) 12A 180W Power window, rear curtain
High power– Trunk Spindle lift motor

Note (*): suggested to be used with external LS MOSFET STL76DN4LF7AG, STL15DN4F5

Application example


Typ Current  
VNH7100BAS 2.5A
VNH7070BAS 3.5A
VNH7040AY 5A
VNHD7008AY 12A
Typ Current  
VNH7100BAS 2.5A
VNH7070BAS 3.5A
VNH7040AY 5A

Solution Kit



ST's comprehensive Automotive Discovery Ecosystem lets you quickly find the best solution for your automotive applications.

Our Automotive Trunk Control solution (SL-AU-VIPOWER-H1) includes the SPC5-EV-ADIS adapter that you can combine with the SPC560B-DIS Discovery board along with VIPower "easy boards" addressing several motor drivers for automotive applications such as Trunk Lock, Power Lift gate, relay replacement, and more.