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Case study 1: AI solution for people counting sensor

Discover an AI-based people-flow counting sensor running on STM32H7 and developed by Schneider Electric in cooperation with ST.

Case study 2: Low-power predictive maintenance

Discover how Lacroix optimized the maintenance frequency of reflow ovens thanks to STM32 Machine Learning capabilities.

Case study 1: AI solution for people counting sensor

Extract of the video Making buildings smarter is one of the big challenges of today's companies to improve their efficiency. The people flow counting sensor developed by Schneider Electric in partnership with STMicroelectronics enables the counting of the number of people. It also detects whether they are crossing a virtual line in both directions, using a large field of view and a small resolution thermal sensor.

This prototype can count in real-time and with a high level of accuracy the restaurant's attendance, while running on the standard STM32 microcontroller. This is achieved thanks to the artificial intelligence algorithm embedded on the STM32 microcontroller and the use of a thermal infrared technology.


ST partners up with Schneider Electric: people flow counting sensor leveraging STM32CubeAI (3:24)

Watch the full video (3:24)

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Case study 2: Low-power predictive maintenance + AI at the Edge

Extract of the video Lacroix Group and its ecosystem are building the future of industrial electronics, in the design and production of industrial embedded systems and connected objects.​ At the heart of its smart industry strategy, Lacroix Electronics is now experimenting with predictive maintenance on its own assembly lines with the help of STMicroelectronics and its AI ecosystem.

The first trial of the condition monitoring technology is being done on the reflow oven of an automated line that solders component on PCB boards.


LACROIX Group Technology Predictive Maintenance in factory with ST Partner (5:11)

Watch the full video (5:11)

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