Automotive Pumps

Solution for 12V electric BLDC motors for water, coolant, oil and fuel pumps

Application Example


The Automotive market is increasingly demanding higher fuel efficiency, reduced CO2 emissions and improved reliability. The use of electric pumps, integrating or substituting mechanical ones, helps address these needs thanks to reduced friction hydraulic losses and power on-demand (i.e. the pump is actuated only when it’s really needed). A leading automotive supplier, ST offers a wide range of solutions satisfying increasing market interest.

This image shows an application example featuring the L99ASC03G, a highly integrated 3-phase motor pre-driver embedding:

  • Voltage regulator to supply and supervise electronic control units
  • A proprietary back-EMF detection algorithm allowing a sensor-less BLDC motor drive implementation
  • Programmable gain current sense amplifier
  • Simplified control and diagnostic thanks to SPI interface

This multifunctional system IC addresses several applications requiring brushless DC motor control:

  • Electric water pumps
  • Electric oil pumps
  • Electric fuel pumps
  • Electric coolant pumps
  • Other electric circulation and booster pumps


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Support Tools

FOC (Field oriented Control) Library is a software library specifically developed for SPC5 microcontroller family to control Automotive BLDC motor control applications.
The library is also configurable via the SPC5-Studio development environment.
Collaterals also include dedicated application notes (see below).