Qi 1.2 compliant 15 W wireless charger solution

Evaluation of this high-efficiency solution based on STWBC-EP / STWLC33 chip-set made easy with a comprehensive kit
ST makes it easy for developers to evaluate and quickly get their design to market using this comprehensive evaluation kit for a 15 W, Qi 1.2 compliant, end-to-end wireless charging solution based on our STWBC-EP / STWLC33 chipset.

Transmitter side

Optimized for Extended Power Profile (EPP) Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) Qi 1.2 certified applications up to 15 W, the STWBC-EP digital controller for wireless battery charger transmitters provides maximum flexibility as it enables half- or full-bridge topologies as well as single- and multiple-coil designs.

    -  Qi MP-A10 15 W wireless charger transmitter evaluation kit (STEVAL-ISB044V1)

    - The associated STWBC-EP firmware (STSW-ISB044FW), a graphical user interface (STSW-STWBCGUI) to help debug and configuration

    - A firmware downloader utility (STSW-STWBCFWDT) is also available.

Receiver side

The STWLC33 multi-mode wireless power receiver with transmitter function ensures the highest efficiency with the lowest part count and system cost. Compatible with Qi 1.2 or AirFuel inductive communication protocols, it can be switched to transmitter mode to provide power to another receiver.

    - A dual-mode inductive wireless charger receiver with transmitter function evaluation board (STEVAL-ISB042V1) and its

    - companion graphical user interface (STSW-ISB042GUI)


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